Introduction To The Blog - Aims and Purpose

In this blog I am going to write about my journey in to Indian classical music as I learn to play the sitar. I am going to document all the things I learn along the way and hopefully provide a useful resource for other people starting out on this mind-boggling topic.

I am starting out by learning raga Yaman, the king of all Indian ragas. I do not have a teacher so I cannot verify the validity of the things I post here but I will make every effort to make sure everything is true.

There is very little on the internet about this as ragas are traditionally taught from guru to student orally. However, I intend to do my best to provide as much information as I can about the raga.

Once I have more experience of Yaman under my belt I will probably expand in to other ragas but for now all the tips will be related to raga Yaman.

I will post things about other ragas and other instruments, such as videos and interviews, and give my opinions and recommendations on particular performances and players who have struck me while learning about Indian classical music. I hope there are other people that find this useful and I would welcome any tips or help that you can offer.

So, let's get started...


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